Mara Airport

Mara Airport

On the way back from watching the lions we crossed a small river and there were two beautiful lilac breasted rollers!  Our guide knew that I loved birds so he stopped so we could watch and take photos.  The LBR gave me plenty of opportunity to get a few photos.

_CAT9370  _CAT9377-2 _CAT9395

This Lilac Breasted Roller was a little farther down the road just sitting perfectly on this twig.

Lilac Breasted Roller

And then this spectacular Violet Backed Starling, WHOA look at that colour!


And then the Grey Crowned Crane, how beautiful and unusual.


The Masai Mara is classic Africa, lots of lions, cheetahs and vast landscapes.  One day we came across a pride of 17 lions lounging by a river.

14  16

After basking in the sun for a while they decided to try and bring down a cape buffalo, they didn’t succeed.  Its strange watching an event like this because you are cheering for both sides, you want the cape buffalo to get away, but you also want the lions to get him because they are hungry and it would be a big meal for them.

After their unsuccessful attempt we followed them down the river where they met a lone female who was resting in the shade.  She was not part of their pride.  The young lions started hounding her and she was having to defend herself against all of them.

It was quite a scene, the young lions weren’t quite sure what to do with this female, they started biting her and she screamed.  The sounds the lions were making were disturbing.  This went on for a couple of hours. They eventually left her there and crossed the river and started to move across the savannah.  We are hoping they will eventually accept her into their pride, so she is not on her own.

22 31 _CAT8779

As we followed the pride they found a dead hippo, we’re not sure who killed it but it would have been in early hours of the morning as the hippo traveled from one river to another.  Another unbelievable sight with hundreds of vultures and a few hyena waiting for their turn.



Just another day on the Mara!