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A visit to a primary school just outside of Ol Pejeta conservancy created a lot of interest in the community.  The grade schools were out for Christmas break so we were told there was a primary school we could visit.  Word got out and all the kids in and around the community came to the little primary school to see the white people.  Some of them have never seen white people and were skeptical like this little boy.  They all crammed inside this little wooden building and sang, recited poems and told stories.  These kids were really adorable and talented.  Some of them took the time to put on their uniforms and others put on their fanciest outfits even though they were on school holidays.  Afterwards I found out they were all hoping for some candy I only had 800 Kenyan shillings with me (about 9.50 Canadian) with that we were able to buy one piece of candy for the 60+ kids that showed up.  We also brought a big bag full of school supplies which was given to the teacher of the primary school.