Ok so I didn’t take my Christmas lights down, the ones around my front door.  I always like putting them up but when it comes to taking them down I do procrastinate.  Being that it is May that’s a lot of procrastinating.  This little Rufous took advantage and built a nest.  Here are some pictures, I will work on getting better ones but I don’t want to disturb Peach too much.

Rufous Nesting Facts (this information is taken from the All About Birds website)
Clutch Size – 2–3 eggs
Number of Broods – 1 broods
Egg Length – 0.5 in or 1.3 cm
Egg Width – 0.3 in or 0.8 cm
Incubation Period – 15–17 days
Nestling Period – 15–19 days
Egg Description – Tiny, white (about a half-inch long).
Condition at Hatching – Naked apart from sparse gray down along the back, eyes closed, clumsy.

I discovered Peach building the nest on about May 6th.


Here is little Peach (you’ll see why I named her Peach below) sitting in her nest.


Is this Dad?  He is constantly at the feeders trying to fight off the Annas.


May 10th – Peach is still perfecting the nest.


May 12th – notice the nest has more embellishment!


Picture taken May 13th – On May 11th Peach laid her first egg and on May 12th she laid the second one.  The colour of the eggs are very peachy.  I’m not sure if this is ‘normal’ because everything I’ve read says the eggs are white and all the pictures I’ve seen the eggs are white.


On May 26th I noticed Peach wiggling around a bit and she wasn’t leaving her nest when I opened the door.  This is around the time the eggs should be hatching so I’m thinking there is something happening under her.

June 1st – here is Peach on her nest and when she left I climbed the ladder to see her babies.  They just look like little dark blobs with bits of feather or hair.



June 7th – I’ve been trying to catch Peach feeding the kids but haven’t yet, when she was away I snuck a couple of pictures.



Notice in this one on the right you can see a little foot.  Its almost hard to describe how small they are but if you look at some of the pictures above and image the size of the Christmas lights, then you can image how small that little foot is.


To be continued….