Click on the small picture to view gallery.  Pictures from in and around the Suyian Soul camp,  Laikipia region, Kenya.

I love this place sooooo much that I’m going back again this year, 2016!  Anne and her amazing team are so great as is the accommodation.  Everyday was an adventure, we saw some amazing birds and animals.  We went to a Samburu market which was in the middle of nowhere and met some amazing people.  I will write more and post some pictures soon.


What a great place and a great experience at the Suyian Soul Camp, you won’t want to leave.  Suyian is a 45,000 acre farm owned by the Powys family.  The family has a very interesting history which I will write more about later.  I could have stayed here for a month or more.  These are pictures of the camp area that Anne built from reclaimed materials found on the property.  The food is amazing!  Anne taught the chefs how to cook and the food they present is so good and everything is very healthy.  I wished I had taken more pictures of the property, but I think I was enjoying it so much I forgot!  Good thing I’ll be going back.