We’re in Kenya, near Mount Kenya and Samburu. There are two types of Zebra in these pictures, the Grevy’s and the Plains Zebra.  The Grevy’s Zebra has narrow black stripes that stop before the belly, giving them a white underbelly.  They have a thick dark strip down their spine and long rounded ears.  The Grevy’s Zebra numbers are declining because they are hunted for their skins, although this is now banned in most countries.  Click on the pictures to enlarge.

zebra_0 zebra_1 zebra_2

The Plains Zebra is stockier than the Grevy’s, has thicker black stripes that extend under the belly.

zebra_9 CAT_3838 zebra_19

Usually when you see the zebras they are peacefully grazing and will stop and watch you go by, but as you see in some of these pictures they were running wild.  There were several stallions fighting over one female.  Great time to visit Africa – mating season!

zebra_6-2 zebra_7-2  zebra_15

You will also see some Grevy and Plains ‘hanging out’ together.  This is a big fear of many because of the declining numbers of Grevys, they are looking to the Plains which are plentiful for a mate, but this behavior could lead to a further decline of the Grevy.